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Making food for your baby can be intimidating, but Sage Spoonfuls makes it easy.  The book is beautiful and easy-to-follow, even if you’re not a cook.
Amy – pharmaceutical rep, mother of 4, with Molly and Riley

"As a busy working mom, I'm pulled in many directions.  Sage Spoonfuls grab and go system is essential to making me feel more pulled together."
Suzanne – technology, mother of 2

“There are so many reasons why homemade baby food is a better choice for our babies, including preventing them from becoming picky eaters as they grow into toddlers.  Sage Spoonfuls provides a stress-free and convenient way for moms to give their babies the most nutritious start to life.” 
Dr. Laura Pagnotta – pediatrician, mother of 3

"Just wanted to let you know that I tried the kit yesterday and it was SO easy. I feel like a walking advertisement but I was shocked by how simple it was to make homemade baby food! I made carrots and butternut squash and it took less than an hour from start to finish, including clean-up. I seriously don't cook, ever - in fact, i had to go out and buy a stea...ming basket because i didn't even own one. But the recipe book was beyond easy to follow, and the food processor was much easier to use and took much less time than I expected. I have a seemingly endless amount of baby food now stored away in the freezer ready for when we start solids with Ryan in a couple of weeks! Thank you SO much for the inspiration and for getting me started!"
Erika – mother of 1

"I received my package last week and am already obsessed with cooking my way through your book!! Cole absolutely loves the smoothie recipe in there! We've even had a baby food making demonstration for a couple of pregnant friends and they are going to go the homemade route now that they know its so easy. We can't thank you enough!"
Stacey – mother of 1
"I just got your book in the mail today and finally got to sit down and look at it. It looks awesome! You make it seem so easy, I can't wait to try all the recipes! Thank you SO much!"
Traci – mother of 1
"Your book is absolutely awesome. I am so impressed with the information and recipes! For someone who never cooks, I can’t believe I am now making the majority of James’ food. All the tips are great, instead of having to search the internet, it’s become my go-to guide on how to shop and what to give him. Thanks so much!"
Susan – mother of 1
I have a wonderful 5 month old boy and I was really thinking about making homemade food for him. I was looking into other products, after attending Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower meeting and speaking with your husband and listening to your seminar I am convinced! I looked at your website and it truly is a great product. I love that I can make a big batch at once rather than other brands which only make a small batch at a time. Thank you! All new moms out there, Sage Spoonfuls is a great product!
Lisa-Marie – mother of 1

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